Doctor Who is a British import that has been around since 1963. One reason for the show's longevity is that instead of dying, The Doctor -- the last surviving Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey -- has the unique ability to regenerate into an entirely different person. The Doctor has been played by many different actors, each putting their own special spin on the character who travels through time and space, saving the universe with the help of his companions and a spaceship shaped like a phone booth. "it's bigger on the inside."

I became hooked on the show with the introduction of the 9th Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston. My favorite is the 10th Doctor played by David Tennant.

I've written a few fanfics, created a couple of games, collected photos from around the internet and Photoshopped a few wallpapers to share.

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john aeryn

Farscape is a little known Sci-Fi drama that has astronaut John Crichton flung to the other side of the universe when his spaceship Farscape One gets caught up in a wormhole. Crichton is rescued by an odd assortment of aliens aboard a living, prison spaceship called Moya.

Crichton is a fish out of water, faced with aliens who simply don't like him and hunted by alien armies who want him and his knowledge of wormhole travel. There are plenty of unique, alien beings, technology and special effects for any diehard sci-fi fan, but Farscape is essentially an epic love story between earththing John Crichton and Peacekeeper tough chic Aeryn Sun.

I began making Farscape music videos soon after getting hooked on the show and created this site mainly to show them off along with my Farscape wallpapers.


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The X-Files is the classic Sci-Fi drama that introduced Mulder and Scully, two FBI agents who seek out the strange and unexplainable. Sometimes that means aliens, ghosts, monsters or government coverups .

I first discovered fan fiction when I became interested (obsessed) with The X-Files. I found and devoured hundreds of imaginative and well-written stories before heeding the call to try my own hand at fanfic writing.

I haven't written any  X-Files stories in several years, but the ones I am most proud of are two crossover fics A Sliders X-File and Infatuation with a Vampire.



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supernatural-mobile-wallpaperSupernatural has been my favorite show for the past few years. Basically, it's the best show that nobody knows about. Okay, a few hundred thousand rabid fans know about it, but apparently it's flown under the radar of the majority of the population. It took me three years to rediscover it. By that time it had found its stride and gotten better than when it first premiered.

Sam and Dean Winchester grew up with the knowledge that monsters are real, demons are everywhere and there's no such thing as Casper the friendly ghost. Way before they discovered that it was their destiny to save the world, they took it as their duty to hunt down and kill all the evil things that go bump in the night.

This show is full of action, blood, gore, humor, heartache, tears, heaven and hell, good and evil, hot actors, cool cars, classic rock, and pretty interesting storytelling. What else could you possibly want?

I have few photos and wallpapers in the gallery, and a couple of games to kill time.

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sgposterStargate SG-1 was based on the movie Stargate released in 1994 starring James Spader and Kurt Russell. The TV version starred Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks and ran for 10 seasons.

The Stargate discovered in Egypt and tied to the history of ancient Gods, created a wormhole which allowed instant travel from one planet to another. Unfortunately, most of the aliens on other planets look and sound amazingly like humans from Earth.

To honor Stargate SG-1, I've created a few Stargate music videos found here. There are also a few pictures and wallpapers to be found in the Gallery.

My Stargate fiction includes a whimsical short story entitled "Off to See the Wizard" and my five-part Jack/Daniel slash series entitled "Stimulating Conversation." Click here for a preview.

Below are links to my interactive Flash files. They're fairly old and nothing spectacular, just a little fun with Photoshop, Flash and the characters from Stargate. Enjoy!

The Two Daniels  |  MacGyver 2002  |  General Teal'c  |  Amanda Shanks  | Thor of SG-1 Gene Pool

fkdvdForever Knight is a little known show that got its start on late night CBS. It's about an 800-year-old vampire working as a homicide detective on the night shift. Yeah, right. The premise was kind of lame but there was something about Nick Knight that caught my attention and kept me coming back. I believe the show could have become as popular as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if the powers that be had marketed it the right way. It managed to last three seasons of being bounced around from network to network and undergoing drastic cast changes before being canceled in 1996.

Don't recall why I felt the need to do it, but the main attraction here are my Storyboards which were made several years ago. I took video snapshots of various episodes, put them together and added commentary in order to tell a story. You'll see how Nick first met Natalie, how he became a vampire, and other special events. There's also an episode guide in chart form which I find helpful when watching the episodes on DVD.

There's some photo art I've created in the Gallery and a few stories I wrote in the Fiction section. Two novel-length stories I'm very proud of are "Arabian Knight" and an X-File crossover entitled "Infatuation with a Vampire."

No, not real storyboards. Basically, I've taken snapshots of a few of my favorite episodes and strung them together with mostly my own words to describe what's going on. The storyboards range from little snippets to complete episodes. The picture quality is not great as they were taken from poorly recorded VHS tapes many years ago.