john aeryn

Farscape is a little known Sci-Fi drama that has astronaut John Crichton flung to the other side of the universe when his spaceship Farscape One gets caught up in a wormhole. Crichton is rescued by an odd assortment of aliens aboard a living, prison spaceship called Moya.

Crichton is a fish out of water, faced with aliens who simply don't like him and hunted by alien armies who want him and his knowledge of wormhole travel. There are plenty of unique, alien beings, technology and special effects for any diehard sci-fi fan, but Farscape is essentially an epic love story between earththing John Crichton and Peacekeeper tough chic Aeryn Sun.

I began making Farscape music videos soon after getting hooked on the show and created this site mainly to show them off along with my Farscape wallpapers.


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