Forever Knight

fkdvdForever Knight is a little known show that got its start on late night CBS. It's about an 800-year-old vampire working as a homicide detective on the night shift. Yeah, right. The premise was kind of lame but there was something about Nick Knight that caught my attention and kept me coming back. I believe the show could have become as popular as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if the powers that be had marketed it the right way. It managed to last three seasons of being bounced around from network to network and undergoing drastic cast changes before being canceled in 1996.

Don't recall why I felt the need to do it, but the main attraction here are my Storyboards which were made several years ago. I took video snapshots of various episodes, put them together and added commentary in order to tell a story. You'll see how Nick first met Natalie, how he became a vampire, and other special events. There's also an episode guide in chart form which I find helpful when watching the episodes on DVD.

There's some photo art I've created in the Gallery and a few stories I wrote in the Fiction section. Two novel-length stories I'm very proud of are "Arabian Knight" and an X-File crossover entitled "Infatuation with a Vampire."

No, not real storyboards. Basically, I've taken snapshots of a few of my favorite episodes and strung them together with mostly my own words to describe what's going on. The storyboards range from little snippets to complete episodes. The picture quality is not great as they were taken from poorly recorded VHS tapes many years ago.