Forever Knight Storyboards

No, not real storyboards. Basically, I've taken snapshots of a few of my favorite episodes and strung them together with mostly my own words to describe what's going on. The storyboards range from little snippets to complete episodes. The picture quality is not great as they were taken from poorly recorded VHS tapes many years ago.


The pieces finally start to come together for Detective Don Schanke.


"Even when they're trying to kill you, they're still your family."


Is it truly better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?


Nick Knight never wanted a partner, especially not one as annoying as Don Schanke. Well, guess what?


How it all began for the vampire and the good doctor.


Let's explore the humble beginnings of everyone's favorite Uncle, and least favorite father figure, Lucien LaCroix.

The place: Pompeii. The year: 79 AD. Having recently returned from a victorious battle, the most powerful general in the Emperor's army celebrates with a party where he shows off a bust made in his likeness and laughingly admits to putting out the eyes of the artist who created it. The telling of the rest of his devious exploits is interrupted when the General's mistress, Seline enters the room and greets her mate for the first time since his return. Their relationship is obviously strained but they manage to be cordial in front of the guests.


Just how did Nick Knight become a vampire in the first place? Read on.

In 1228, in a darken tavern (too dark to show) the crusading, young knight, Nicholas de Brabant spots the alluring Janette giving him a come hither look. Entranced by her beauty, he soon finds himself in her bed chambers. While making love, Janette uses passion to goad Nicholas into giving in to his dark side. No longer thinking with his brain, he is ready to agree to anything she says. Feeling the time is right, she goes to fetch a surprise for her handsome young lover.