How it all began for the vampire and the good doctor.


As coroner, Natalie Lambert thought she had seen it all until the night he showed up on her examining table. Instead of the hideous remains of a pipe bomb victim as expected, she finds a rather handsome corpse awaiting her attention.

Thinking that the corpse wouldn't mind if she takes a phone call, Natalie doesn't notice the body miraculously healing itself.

She's just a tad surprised when her patient growls, sits up, then goes and helps himself to a bag of O-positive from the fridge.

Unafraid of previously dead things, Natalie steps up to greet him. "You're so cold," she comments. "I'm dead," is the reply. Natalie confuses the walking corpse by disagreeing.

Having hypnotized Nat that night into forgetting about him before he left, Nick later tests her memory by casually passing her in the street. But who could forget a face that gorgeous?

Nick tries to scare her off by telling her that he's evil, but Nat doesn't buy it and insists that she can help him with his vampirism. "What can you possibly expect for in return?" he asks. "Solving a puzzle has its own rewards for me," she replies.

Yeah, right.... Anyway, that is how Nick met Nat.