"Even when they're trying to kill you, they're still your family."

On his way back from running a secret errand, Nick unexpectantly bumps into LaCroix who demands to know where he has been and what is in the pouch he's carrying. Nick reluctantly hands it over, and LaCroix examines the contents. Seeing that it contains medicinal herbs, LaCroix realizes that Nick is making another pathetic attempt at becoming mortal. Angrily, he slaps Nick with the back of his hand, then pushes him up against a wall.

"This is how you repay me?" LaCroix rages at Nick's rejection of his precious gifts of power, immortality and eternal protection. "You're my creature, Nicholas!" LaCroix reminds him. "Made in my image." "Then I'm a monster," is Nick's stinging reply. LaCroix forces himself to calm down and speaks to his son in a gentler tone. "Why are you doing this to me?" he asks. "I've done nothing to you LaCroix," Nick responds meekly. "You've done this. Kill me if you wish," he adds. "Either way, I will leave you." Nick then walks away leaving his master seething with contempt.

Nick returns home to Janette and apprises her about his run-in with their master. He tells her that he has to get away from LaCroix and asks that she come away with him. She declines, preferring to remain in Paris, but she gives him some of her expensive jewelry and the name of a man who can help him begin a new life in America. Later, when LaCroix tries to get Janette to tell him where Nicholas has gone, she suggests that they just forget about him. "We can get a new one," she murmurs. "I don't want a new one," LaCroix argues angrily, "I like that one!" Softening his approach, he convinces her that Nicholas needs them to survive and Janette easily succumbs.

Taking Janette's advice, Nick soon finds himself in America, arriving by way of ship and riding in a steamer trunk. He is met by Don Constantine, a crime syndicate boss whose father was known for assisting vampires for a price. Don Constantine accepts a gold pocket watch as payment for insuring Nick's relocation to Los Angeles. Hot on his trail, LaCroix arrives in America and confronts Don Constantine about Nick. The don is reluctant to give out any information until LaCroix speaks to him about the importance of family and his desire to keep his together. He also lets Don Constantine know that he will be eternally in his debt for assisting him in his search.

In Los Angeles, as Nick descends the staircase at his hotel, he is surprised by the arrival of LaCroix and Janette. He shoots an annoyed look at Janette, unhappy that she gave him away. "How did you find me?" Nick asks. "I shall always find you, Nicholas," LaCroix informs him. To show that he's forgiven his offspring for running away from his family, LaCroix offers Nick the gold pocket watch that he got back from Don Constantine.

06 father's day pic
Three generations later, Nick meets Don Constantine's great-grandson David when a hit is put out on the young man after he offers to testify against his great-grandfather in order to free himself from the duties of taking over the family crime business. Nick takes David into his protective custody, then pays a visit to Don Constantine to plead David's case. The don is none too happy with his interference and refuses to back down and let David live his own life. Since his great-grandson has a vampire in his corner, Don Constantine calls on LaCroix at the radio station and reminds the vampire that he owes him a favor. LaCroix remembers well and is eager to repay his debt.

07 father's day pic
When Nick returns to the police station, he's shocked to find his master waiting for him. LaCroix tells Nick that he is the only father he has, and as a father, he warns him to stay out of the affairs of the Constantines. Finding a questionnaire about fatherhood that Schanke left behind, LaCroix reads to Nick what is expected of a father. "A father provides love, discipline, guidance, protection and support." "He left out freedom," Nick points out. "So would I," LaCroix replies. Getting to the real issue, he tells Nick, "If David Constantine does not return to his family, I will find him and kill him." "Why don't you do for David what you would never do for me?" Nick implores. "Let him go."

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LaCroix visits Don Constantine to determine exactly what it is he wants done about David. He asks if he really wants the young man killed. The don tells LaCroix that he's already lost his own sons, so he was unable to pass along the family business to them. Now that he's old and sickly, he wants David to take over for him because there's no one else left. "Without David, it all ends. The family, the business, everything we are. When I die, everything I built will have disappeared." He lets LaCroix know how important that is to him and reminds him that he still owes him.

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Nick has made arrangements for David and his family to leave town. Just before they are ready to depart, Don Constantine and LaCroix arrives. Instead of trying to stop him from leaving, Don Constantine has had a sudden change of heart and gives his great-grandson his blessings. They embrace each other with newfound love and respect. Nick goes over to LaCroix to find out how he changed Constantine's mind. LaCroix explains that the old man was simply afraid of dying without having anyone to take over his family business. "Personally, I don't think he's ever looked fitter. He could live for another hundred years." It's then that Nick realizes that LaCroix has made Don Constantine a vampire.

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While broadcasting his radio show, LaCroix is surprised by an unexpected visitor. Nick presents him with the gold watch that LaCroix had given him years ago. "Happy Father's Day. I'm not coming back to you," he tells him. "I just wanted to say thank you." Touched by the gesture, LaCroix is left momentarily speechless. After Nick walks out of the sound booth, LaCroix speaks into the microphone and gives a little well-known speech about how if you love someone, let them go, and if they're really yours, they will return. "You will come back to me, Nicholas," he adds. "I can wait. I have all the time in the world."