sgposterStargate SG-1 was based on the movie Stargate released in 1994 starring James Spader and Kurt Russell. The TV version starred Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks and ran for 10 seasons.

The Stargate discovered in Egypt and tied to the history of ancient Gods, created a wormhole which allowed instant travel from one planet to another. Unfortunately, most of the aliens on other planets look and sound amazingly like humans from Earth.

To honor Stargate SG-1, I've created a few Stargate music videos found here. There are also a few pictures and wallpapers to be found in the Gallery.

My Stargate fiction includes a whimsical short story entitled "Off to See the Wizard" and my five-part Jack/Daniel slash series entitled "Stimulating Conversation." Click here for a preview.

Below are links to my interactive Flash files. They're fairly old and nothing spectacular, just a little fun with Photoshop, Flash and the characters from Stargate. Enjoy!

The Two Daniels  |  MacGyver 2002  |  General Teal'c  |  Amanda Shanks  | Thor of SG-1 Gene Pool