supernatural-mobile-wallpaperSupernatural has been my favorite show for the past few years. Basically, it's the best show that nobody knows about. Okay, a few hundred thousand rabid fans know about it, but apparently it's flown under the radar of the majority of the population. It took me three years to rediscover it. By that time it had found its stride and gotten better than when it first premiered.

Sam and Dean Winchester grew up with the knowledge that monsters are real, demons are everywhere and there's no such thing as Casper the friendly ghost. Way before they discovered that it was their destiny to save the world, they took it as their duty to hunt down and kill all the evil things that go bump in the night.

This show is full of action, blood, gore, humor, heartache, tears, heaven and hell, good and evil, hot actors, cool cars, classic rock, and pretty interesting storytelling. What else could you possibly want?

I have few photos and wallpapers in the gallery, and a couple of games to kill time.

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