Short stories and novel-length fiction based on the TV shows Doctor Who, Farscape, Forever Knight, The X-Files, Sliders and Stargate SG-1, all written by yours truly Fran Glass aka Dynojet. If you read and enjoy, feel free to let me know with a brief comment.

x-files-logoFiction based on the TV show The X-Files.

Disclaimer:  These stories are based on the characters and situations created by Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and Fox Broadcasting. Used without permission. No infringement is intended. All other contents are copyrighted to the author.

I discovered fan fiction when I became interested (obsessed) with The X-Files. I found and devoured hundreds of imaginative and well-written stories before heeding the call to try my own hand at fanfic writing. I haven't written any new X-Files stories in several years, although I still have a couple unfinished wasting away on my hard drive. Maybe I'll finish them someday. Maybe not.

Enigmatic Dr.'s Fanfic Favorites has a pretty good list of X-Files fiction to keep you going once you're finished here.

doctorwho1Fiction based on the series Doctor Who featuring the 10th Doctor.

David Tennant is my favorite Doctor, so the fiction I've written is all based on his hyperactive, heartbroken, "Oncoming Storm" interpretation of the time traveling alien. I've only written a few stories so far. My favorite of them and the one that has been the best received is a Farscape crossover novel-length story called "Self Inflicted Wounds." Never heard of Farscape or Doctor who? Doesn't matter. Read it anyway. You will like it or your money back.

forever knight 2009Fiction based on the TV drama Forever Knight

This is another show that got my creative juices flowing for a while. I've written a few stories based on Nick Knight, the 800-year-old vampire who moonlights as a homicide detective.

I'm most proud of my two novel-length stories, "Arabian Knight" and an X-File crossover entitled "Infatuation with a Vampire."

Since Nick isn't your average blood-sucker, neither of the stories are very gory, although I have been told that Nick's uncharacteristic behavior in "Infatuation with a Vampire" was definitely creepy at times.

jack-danielFiction based on the TV show Stargate-SG-1 

I've only written one general audience Stargate SG-1 fic. It's a short, Photoshopped illustrated piece entitled, "Off to See the Wizard," which is, of course, a takeoff on "The Wizard of Oz."

My other SG-1 fiction is a series of five Jack and Daniel slash stories called "Stimulating Conversation". The stories are for adult readers only. If you don't enjoy reading slash fiction or don't even know what it is, it's probably safe to say that these stories are not for you.