Stargate SG-1 Fiction

jack-danielFiction based on the TV show Stargate-SG-1 

I've only written one general audience Stargate SG-1 fic. It's a short, Photoshopped illustrated piece entitled, "Off to See the Wizard," which is, of course, a takeoff on "The Wizard of Oz."

My other SG-1 fiction is a series of five Jack and Daniel slash stories called "Stimulating Conversation". The stories are for adult readers only. If you don't enjoy reading slash fiction or don't even know what it is, it's probably safe to say that these stories are not for you.



Summary: The characters from Stargate SG-1 become the characters from the Wizard of Oz.

The following story was inspired by the many references to "The Wizard of Oz" used on Stargate SG-1. The accompanying "Ozzie" photos were generated in Photoshop. MGM owns the originals. I'm only playing with them. No copyright infringement intended.

Click on the "Ozzie" pics for a larger view. Okay to copy the "Ozzie" pics for your personal enjoyment, but please do not use on another web page or link to directly from this site.

jack-daniel05The following is an excerpt from "Simulating Conversations"

Summary: An evening of TV watching leads to an in-depth discussion of past sexual experiences for Jack and Daniel

Colonel O'Neill stood in the gate room with the rest of his team to bid farewell to earth's most recent visitors. His eyes shifted casually from Ke'ra and her companions, over to Daniel Jackson, whose plastered-on smile did little to camouflage his true feelings. The archeologist had been smitten by the pretty blonde soon after they'd met. Jack hadn't particularly liked the idea of Daniel becoming involved with a complete stranger from off world, especially after what had happened with that Shyla chick a few months earlier. He'd had a bad feeling from the start on this one. The fact that Ke'ra, nor anyone on her planet had any recollection of their past, made Jack more than just a tad uneasy. Still, he had been willing to give her the benefit of a doubt; that is, until they discovered who she really was. The destroyer of worlds wasn't exactly the type of girl you wanted your best friend to date.