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Stargate SG-1 Fiction
Off to See the Wizard
Stargate SG-1/Wizard of Oz crossover. Illustrated.
Forever Knight Fiction

Rebirth - 23K
After living life as a mortal, Nick has to keep a promise he made to LaCroix forty years ago.

Forever Knight Before Christmas - Poem
Nick receives a special visit on Christmas Eve.

A Christmas Knight Carol
Prequel to Forever Knight Before Christmas. On Christmas Eve, LaCroix is visited by spirits who show him what was, what is, and what could be.

A Christmas Filk
To the tune of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer

Arabian Knight - 332K
After a magic wish makes Nick mortal again, his new life takes a tragic turn for the worse.

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Forever Knight/X-Files Crossover
Infatuation With A Vampire - 331k
While investigating cattle mutilations in Montana with Mulder, Scully is abducted by Nick Knight who's been left mentally unstable following Natalie's death.
X-Files Fiction

Experiment In Solitude - 102K
While Scully recuperates in the hospital from a gunshot wound, Mulder is kidnapped and placed in an isolated cell by persons unknown.

Experiment Gone Wrong
- 65K
This story picks up where Solitude left off and shows the residual effects of Mulder's two weeks of solitary confinement.

Man's Best Friend - 98K
Injured and trapped inside a freight train car, Mulder depends on Scully and a new four-legged friend to rescue him.

Miracles Happen - 26K
Seeing that her cancer is getting worse, Scully attempts to set Mulder up with a new partner.

Something He Needs - 17K
Written from Mulder's perspective, this story continues the conversation that was cut short at the end of Never Again.

Dying Wish - 193K
A dying wish catapults Mulder into an alternate universe; one in which he never had cause to join the FBI.

Sliders/X-Files crossover
Sliders - 135K
In an alternate universe, instead of UFO's, it's doorways to other worlds that Mulder seeks.