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About the Artist

Selma Glass


Selma Joyce Glass is a self-taught African-American artist, working in a variety of mediums, including figurative and abstract paper sculpture, pastel, acrylic, oil, pen & ink, clay, and mixed media. Numerous shows and awards have established Selma as a solid fixture in the art world, and her work has been received with much critical praise. Gladys Knight is among her extensive list of celebrity clientele.

Glass has emerged as one of Atlanta’s most dynamic and creative artist. A self taught artist whose ideas come naturally says: “I became interested in creating art in 1988 as I passed by Binders Art supply store each day on my way to and from work. The desire became so strong that I finally went into the store.” While initially displeased with her work, she did not give up and focused her attention on collages. The rest is history.

Those early works, her reputation, determination and having the right attitude have led to Selma’s success.

Deeply devoted to her religious convictions, she says, “I try daily to love my neighbor and represent my faith and hope in God with positive awareness. I am thankful every day to be able to express myself through my gift of art, singing and writing. God is Master of it all. When I look at a snow-capped mountain, a tropical flower, a beautiful bird or an incredible rainbow, how I marvel. “In my art I strive to capture some of the beauty I see in his creation.”

Two decades after making that initial $6 Binders purchase, Selma Glass has emerged as a versatile and creative artist whose ethnic pieces are sought after nationally and abroad. Her journey to discover her artistic soul has taken her across the country and across the sea. In 1997, Selma flew to Nakito, Japan where she shared her artistic talent and stories as guest of the Yokoto Black Heritage Committee, a cultural exchange program group composed of Japanese and African Americans. Selma exhibited over 100 pieces of her works and was a visiting artist at a local school. Proceeds from a silent auction of her work went to support art programs and scholarships in Japan.

Selma was awarded the honor of being the inaugural artist for the Binder’s Limelight Gallery which opened June, 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia.

As one of Georgia’s leading artist, Selma has received acclaim in a variety of styles including sculptured paper, collages, abstracts, ethnic photo art and interior design. She continues to add more versatility in her work by also producing works of stone, ceramics, clay and glass. As one critic stated, “Her execution of colors in motion is indeed a work of art which invokes a tranquil serene beauty that is abstract in nature.” Selma has been commissioned by a number of organizations and received numerous awards.

Special Exhibitions

2008 - Invited to be an exhibiting artist for the NBAF 20th anniversary Artist Market.
2007 - Let Us Live Foundation Fundraiser
2004 - Inaugural artist for the Binder’s Limelight Gallery

Commissioned Pieces in Permanent Collections
2008 - Multiple pieces for Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta
2007 - National Bar Association - Justice for All
2006 - Safe Girls, Strong Girls
2004 - Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity
2002 - United Negro Fund
2002 - AKA Sorority
1997 - Bronner Brothers
1996 - The Omni Hotel
1995 - The Christina Cultural Art Center
1994 - Emory University
1994 - Southwest Hospital
1994 - The West African Embassy
1994 - The Governor's Office of the State of Maryland

2008 - Atlanta Chapter of The Links, Inc.
2006 - Judges' Choice Award, Jury Exhibition - South Cobb Art Alliance
2004 - Mable House Arts Fair, First Place
2004 - Trumpet Award
2003 - Jury Exhibition - South Cobb Art Alliance, 2nd Place
1999 - The Tiffany Award, Habitat for Humanity
1998 - Best in Collage, Bird House Fest
1998 - The Sable Award, UNCF
1998 - Judge's Choice Award, Mable House
1997 - African American Heritage Committee, Yokoto, Japan
1997 - It Takes a Whole Village Award, Milwaukee Community Journal
1994 - The Distinguished Service Award, UNCF

A part of the Pale Collection
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Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Charles 2008
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Dr. Kevin McLauren
C. T. Vivian

Gladys Knight
The late Ed Gordon
DeAngelo Hall
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Ambassador Andrew Young
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